the women behind tone

tone means something different to everyone. for us, tone means self expression. tone means empowerment, the ability to be in control of setting the tone for the day ahead. jewelry is a very personal thing. to us, it gives us the boost we need in our day, the pick me up to our morning, that extra little spark to complement our outfits and make us feel put together. tone is about whatever you make it. our pieces can be worn on a night out, at the beach, during a movie marathon or to a wedding. whatever tone you want to set for the day, we’re totally here for it. 

tone keeps it spicy, trendy and classic. our collection is inspired by the colours, shapes, styles and feels that you love. our pieces are made to be worn alone, all together or even stacked into your current jewelry lineup. whatever you want the tone to be, we are here to help you achieve that.

we can’t wait to see how you #setthetone!

XO, Jess & Rach